Liam Foster

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friend_or_foe. Liam Foster. Day Gallery

Friend or Foe


122 x 77 cm

C Type Photograph

Edition of 5

$ 950 unframed



Liam Foster

Liam has always had a camera in his hand, but has spent the last four years turning this passion into a profession. Specialising in landscape photography, his love for the environment shines through in his photos, as he plays with light and colour to create the dynamic and evocative scenes he is known for.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Liam conjures a sense of grandeur and openness in the pieces he creates. While specialising in landscape photography, his portfolio extends to capturing vibrant and emotive images of both people and animals alike, with special attention given to their setting so as to carry his passion for the environment across all aspects of the work he creates.

Instagram- @liamtfoster