Valentine Delawarr

Born: c 1852

Valentine Delawarr, landscape painter, worked in New South Wales, Tasmania, New Zealand and Western Australia in the 1880s and 1900s.

In the early 1890s Delawarr moved into a studio at 112 Hunter Street, Sydney, after a studio in the same building had been vacated by landscape and portrait painter Gladstone Eyre , whose landscape paintings resemble Delawarr’s in both style and subject matter. Later, Delawarr was working in the 24 Bond Street building where cartoonist Livingston“Hop” Hopkins also had a studio.

Some references speculate that Delawarr was Dutch, however, the Dutch influence in his work is likely to have come through Gladstone Eyre’s teacher, Henry van den Houten.

Delawarr’s name suggests Belgian, French or Anglo-Huguenot origins.

Writer:  Eric Riddler 2011