Daniel Rutter Long

Born: 1803

Died: 1886

D. R Long was a landscape painter, Chemist and one of the first members of council for the municipality of Armadale in Victoria.

Born in the old wool marketing and processing town of Witney, Oxfordshire, Long served an apprenticeship in London with Pharmaceutical expert Jacob Bell.

After marrying Helen Jones of Gloucestershire, and having a family of six children, the Long’s embarked on a journey to Australia. They arrived in Port Phillip on the 29th September 1840.

By 1843 he had opened his own chemist shop in Burke Street, Melbourne.

By 1857 his shop was so successful, that he retired from business to travel and paint.

He painted four oil paintings held in the National Library Collection, dated between 1857-1859.

He visited Sydney, possibly, on several occasions, two watercolour are signed 1860, and another 1856.

Long was elected Mayor of Armadale and was instrumental in the building of Prahran Town Hall, laying its foundation stone and presiding over the opening.

Long died at the age of 83, on the 22nd of August 1886.