Dixon Copes



Dixon Copes was possibly better known as ‘John Dickson Copes’

He ran away from Newington College in Sydney when he was 15 and went to sea, spending the next 10 years working on merchant ships. He also spent two years in the Army and lived on a ship at the Spit!!

An editorial on the artist printed in the Womens Weekly on the 7th December 1960, states that the artists studied at the Royal Art School in Sydney in the 1930s. Artist Sydney Long was a teacher there and Copes admits that he was heavily influenced early on by the work of Long.

He also supplemented his job as a painter by working as a building maintenance man in an apartment block in Manly. This gave him security against the ups and downs of being a professional painter.

Thank you to Col Fullagar of Integrity Solutions for digging up this information.