Eric Glidden Scott

Eric Scott

Born: 1893, Bega, NSW
Died: 1978, USA

After a stint in the Australian Armed forces, Scott studied at the Sydney Art school. In 1920 he went to Paris to seek a new environment and subjects to draw and etch. Whilst there he meet a Mrs Davenport of the American women’s club who was arranging an exhibition of etchings. He exhibited several at the Old Salon and one of his etchings was bought for the collection of the Chicago Art Institute.

Scott was a wonderful draftsman and was described by ‘Art In Australia, edition 18, December 1st 1926’ as having “good knowledge of his medium and a free manner of drawing”.

Scott signed much of his work with a Kangaroo monogram, Indicating that although he lived and worked abroad he wanted his work to be recognised as Australian.