Ernest Edwin Abbott

Ernest Abbott

Born: 1899 Devon, UK
Died: 1973, Australia

Abbott left the UK In 1911 to become an ironmonger in Western Australia. In 1913 he married Florence Radcliffe Olde, also from his home town near Devon in the UK. According to the Electoral Rolls of 1919 and 1924 for Kooyong, Victoria, a subdivision of Kew, he was described as an artist. They finally moved to Melbourne where he later died, three years after his wife.
He was mainly self-taught. Abbott was a craftsman so had studios and made his own engraving tools and printed his images on a flat-plate press. He is best known for italglio prints, watercolours and some oils.
In 1920 having moved to Melbourne he took a studio in Oxford Chambers, but after about a decade he gave up his city studio to focus on printmaking at his home, particularly dry-point etching. His work focused around Egyptian, Australian and English scenery.
Abbott is not known to have exhibited during his lifetime, although a retrospective exhibition was held in 1993.