Ethleen Palmer

Ethleen Palmer Born: 1906- Died: 1958

Ethleen Palmer major contributor to the female print movement of the 1920s and 30s. Her contemporaries were Preston, Proctor, Spowers, Blackburn etc. Rather than imitating the style adopted by these iconic artists she created prints with a distinctly Japanese feel. Her ability to capture movement and nature in the Japanese style gave her the name “The Australian Hokusai”.
The Sydney Morning Herald in 1938 were so confident in her ability and talent that they called her “Australia’s leading Linocut artist” a big statement considering the other fantastic printmakers of the period.
Never the less her prints are now both aesthetically appealing and rare.


A fantastic article about Ethleen Palmer from Art in Australia, 1939.

An Australian Hokusai- Art in Australia 1939, Ethleen Palmer