Gabriel Namatjira

Gabriel Namatjira 1942-1969::
Gabriel Namatjira began to paint in 1959, shortly before the death of his grandfather, Albert. The seventh of the Namatjira’s to become known for their artistic talent and competence, Gabriel was born into a tragic family. He was the eldest son of Enos, and his mother and brother Charles both died when he was a small boy. Despite this he grew to be a kindly and pleasant personality; quietly spoken, contented, and considerate, Over six feet tall, and weighing a good sixteen stone, he was a memorable and well-liked individual; the proud father of two little girls and a most competent painter. But like his father he died suddenly, in May 1969.
Modern Aboriginal Painting, 1971, with text by Rex and Beatrice Battarbee, pg. 8