Henry Ambrose Scrivener

Born: 1842

Died: 1906

Naval officer and artist. St Catherine’s House index has a Henry Ambrose Scrivener born in the third quarter of 1842 at Sherborne. He may be the son of Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener, biblical scholar, who was in Sherborne 1835-45, according to Dictionary of National Biography. (Although F Boase’ “Modern English biography” mentions allowance given only to his 3 daughters – no sons mentioned). Travelled to New Zealand aboard HMS Harrier, which left Portsmouth on 17 Dec 1860. Visited Auckland, New Plymouth and Tauranga. According to the “Navy list”, he was assistant paymaster aboard the “Harrier” from 1863-64. In 1866, he was Assistant-Paymaster on the “Ganges”, a training ship for boys at Falmouth. In 1868-1870, he was assistant-paymaster-in-charge on the “Beacon” off the SE Coast of America. In 1872 he is listed but not assigned to a ship. Not listed in 1871 and 1874. In 1876, assistant-paymaster on the “Orontes”, a training ship, at Portsmouth. From 1878-1881, he was paymaster on the “Pelican”, a composite sloop in the Pacific. From 1883-1885, he was paymaster on the “Repulse” at Hull. In 1886, he was paymaster on board the “Active”, a training squadron boat. In 1888, became fleet paymaster. From 1890-1891, was fleet paymaster on the flagship “Bellerophon” in North America and the West Indies. In 1893, he carried out auxiliary service on shore as fleet paymaster, for the ship “Australia”. From 1897-98, was fleet paymaster on the “Magnificent”, flagship for the Channel Squadron. Seems to have retired about 1899; listed as retired in 1906 list. Scrivener visited and painted Peru, while serving with the Pelican, 1878-1881.