Herbert Rose

Born: 1890 Victoria

Died: 1937- India

Rose was born at Windsor, Melbourne, the son of George Rose, a photographer. Herbert Rose assisted in his father’s photographic business and studied art at the National Gallery School Victoria from 1914 to 1918.  He travelled much in Europe, North Africa and Asia, and excelled in painting eastern crowds and architecture. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and held other important exhibitions in Europe and the USA. He also had successful one man shows in Australia. Harold Herbert described his painting of sunlight in the Sedon Galleries exhibition catalogue (1937): His sunlight is warm and glows with that ”inner glow” that is the despair of so many painters.

Rose died at Delhi, India, from smallpox around the middle of January 1937. He was a capable painter in both oils and water-colours, and produced many etchings.