Jessie Traill

Jessie Traill (b1881-1967)

A Painter and etcher. Traill commenced studies at the national art school under John Mather in 1901.Β  In 1907 she travelled to Paris to study at the Academie Colarossi, followed by two years in London at the Stratford Studio with frank Brangwyn. In 1909 she exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Old Salon.

Traill Returned to Australia, but not permently. Her life was divided between travelling France, England and Australia.

During WW1 Traill worked for three and a half years as a nurse in the military Hospital at Rouen, France. In 1920 she became one of the first women in Australia to work within the medium of etching. Along with Henri Van Raalte she was the first Australian to produce colour etchings. In 1921 she exhibited with the Australian Etchers in their inaugural exhibition in Sydney, she played an integral role in the promotion and popularisation of Australian printmaking.

Despite her list of impressive achievements, those who knew Traill suggest that she was kind, entirely without instinct for self promotion or acclamation.

Traill is represented in Major State, regional and institutional galleries, in private collections and in the La Trobe and Mitchell libraries.