Joseph Lycett

Joseph Lycett Born:1774 Staffordshire, Arrived in Sydney 1814- Died: 1828 UK

Convicted for forgery in 1811, Lycett arrived in Sydney in 1814 on the ‘General Hewitt’. The voyage was a tragic disaster, one in nine of the 300 male convicts died. Captain James Wallis was also onboard.
In Sydney the following year he was again convicted of forgery and sent to Newcastle, but due to his artistic talents he was employed by Captain Wallis to draw up plans for a new church.
Lycett made many paintings Sydney and the outer suburbs, Hobart and the indigenous people from various regions.
His Magnum Opus was the 50 aquatints titled ‘Views in Australia and Van Diemens Land’ printed in thirteen monthly parts in 1824-25.
Lycett’s work is represented in all Major Australian Galleries.