Leigh Arnold

Leigh Arnold

An artist who explores illusion, but without reference to our immediate, physical world. When the viewer looks at his painting, the impression is given of movement; of swelling, warping and vibration due Leigh’s intricate patternation which tricks and delights the eye. The works come to life further with the optional use of 3D glasses, which extends them into an unexpected place of fun and wonder.

The practice of art has been life changing for Leigh who has struggled with dyslexia throughout his life. When he discovered art he came to understand how his mind works, and to see that his dyslexia is a gift which enables him to see the world with a unique vision;

‘My 50th birthday present was to find out why literacy had been such a struggle. I discovered that I am severely dyslexic and have Asperger’s and an IQ so high that it is hard to measure accurately. It was good to know at last!

Most of my works have a scientific base. They illustrate perspective, space-bending, gravity, the Big Bang, galaxies and so on. They also use quantum physics, Euclidean geometry, space-time and above all, symmetry. I use colour to illustrate change over time with cooler colours dropping back and warmer colours coming forward. This automatically produces 3D effects.

Some of my images have been reproduced in a mathematical text on symmetry for use in Melbourne University and worldwide. Other reproductions have been used as covers for science and various magazines, and as the poster for a conference in symmetry held at Melbourne University in 2009. A PBS documentary on the history of the telescope also used many of my images in 2010.

My work has already sold to clients in Canada, New York & elsewhere in the USA, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and more. I was honoured to receive an award from the International Astronomy Union for commitment and outstanding contribution to the success of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.’ LEIGH ARNOLD.