Leslie Hervey

Leslie Hervey

Exhibiting: 1893-1920
Coming originally from Lightcliffe, Yorkshire, Hervey lived and worked mainly in Berkshire and Cornwall. From 1893 her companion was the artist Annie FALKNER, and they shared studios in both places, their St Ives base in the Piazza being used sporadically over some twenty to twenty-five years. Wood, noticing her work in only one circumstance at Smith Street (SS) in 1893-94, writes of her watercolour of Chrysanthemums and also mis-spells her name as Hervy. The best summary is found in Johnson & Greutzner.

She is listed as an exhibitor in the 1911 Show Day in St Ives. In 1918, reviewing a show of the Pastel Society, Ezra Pound remarked that Hervey “has at least tried to have a style” – which is much kinder than his comments about many of the other exhibitors. One of her main exhibiting venues was the Beaux Arts Gallery in London, but she also exhibited at the RA, the RBA and other galleries.


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