Lucas Van Leyden

Lucas Van Leyden (Born: 1494 Leiden, Netherlands- Died: 1533 Leiden, Netherlands)

Also known as Lucas Hugensz or Lucas Jacobsz.

Van Leyden is regarded as the Father of the Dutch school of Painters, and renown for his work as an engraver and woodcut designer. He is known as one of the first print designers to proficiently articulate the contrast of light and shadows to add an element of depth to his engravings.

Van Leyden lived a short but productive life producing over 100 woodcuts and 177 engravings. It is speculated that he learnt the art at a young age from watching goldsmiths and armorers near his home at their craft of inlaying. Van Leyden was taken ill in 1527, possibly as a result of travels with an friend and fellow artist Jan Gossaert. There are also rumors that he was poisoned by a jealous artist. He died at 39 year of age.