Mathieu Antoine Roux

Mathieu-Antoine Roux

Born: 1799

Died: 1872

The Roux Family of Marseille were involved in the hydrographic business for over three generations and the family were considered the foremost marine painters in France at that time. Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux, known simply as Antoine Roux, was the most prolific and adept at creating ship portraits. Antoine Rouix and had three sons and a daughter: Mathieu-Antoine, Ursule-Josephine, Francois Joseph Frederic, Francois Geoffroi who all continued in the family business.


Mathieu Roux, who like his father went by “Antoine Roux”, was born in Marseille, France on May 20 1799. He is the elder son of Antoine and Rose Elisabeth Gabrielle Catelin. Antoine also became a marine painter, although he is not considered to be quite as skilled as his brothers or father were but his paintings are often mistaken to be his father ones. He signed his paintings as ‘Ant. Roux Fils Aine’, which can be translated as ‘Antoine Roux the Eldest Son’. He continued the family business based at the Port in Marseille.