Maud Mackenzie

Born: 1868 (Tasmania)    Died: 1947 (Yarawonga, Victoria)
Maud Mackenzie (1868-1947)

Known as ‘Kenz’, was the youngest of three children, having an older brother and sister. Her parents were farmers and owned ‘Fairhigh’, a property situated on the North West coast of Tasmania.

Even as a small child Maud showed an interest in art and, in particular, drawing, and was seldom without a pencil in her hand Her parents encouraged her interest and Maud, eager to learn more about art, enrolled in the National Gallery School in Melbourne. Here during 1891 and 1892 she studied under the Drawing Master, Frederick McCubbin before deciding on private tuition from Walter Withers Withers at this time was teaching students in his city studio and also at Charterisville.  He invited Maud Mackenzie to live with his family at Charterisville. Here began a life-long friendship between Maud Mackenzie and Fanny Withers.

She along with Dora Serle, nee Hake, were amongst the most gifted of his female students and their early works reflect the strong influence of his teaching Walter Withers’ influence is particularly evident in the works of Maud Mackenzie, especially in the composition of her works, the placement of figures, the choice of tranquil settings, her commonplace subjects and her attention to detail is reminiscent of paintings by Walters Withers (Heidelberg Art Historian Andrew Mackenzie 1989).

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