(Faye) Hayward


The Victorian Artists Society Annual Exhibition catalogue of 1901 states that a painting by Mrs F Hayward titled ‘Home Amongst The Hills Scarbrook’ was exhibited. The age of this piece within the original frame, combined with the title of the composition lead us to believe that this is the described piece.

 Mrs F (Faye) Hayward (Dates unknown)

Mrs F Hayward was an exceptionally talented artist. This painting housed in the original frame, would have been a very contemporary landscape depiction for the period. It resembles Walter Withers style and palette, and has the ease of an artist comfortable in her craft. The painting fits into the exhibition as a brilliant example of the way a talented female artist could completely fade into obscurity. Without knowing the story of her life, it is more than likely that she was overwhelmed by the normal domestic external pressures of the time and given up on her artistic ambition to focus on ‘more relevant’ life matters.


To prevent confusion, the artist known as Faye Hayward born c1927 is not the same artist.