Nora Gurdon

Nora Gurdon ( 1885- 1973)
Gurdon was an active member of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors until her death in 1973. Her artistic career started at the National Gallery School where she studied between 1901-1908. Her friendship with artists such as Dora Meeson, Jessie Traill and Vida Lahey provided her with wonderful creative inspiration. Her paintings focused on the landscape around her home in Kalorama in the Upper Yarra Valley. Artists including Arthur Streeton visited her home to paint the striking local landscapes.

While not particularly innovative with the application of paint, Gurdon set herself apart from other artists of the day with her colour palette. Rather than follow fashion and present landscapes in the blue and gold palette made popular by the Heidelberg School, she preferred the muted blue and gray tones that were true to the Dandenong Ranges.

Her works were exhibited in the Society of Women Artists exhibitions and fundraisers promoting the building of hospitals and homes for the elderly. Her artworks are represented in the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Shepparton Art Gallery.