Norbertine Bresslern-Roth

Norbertein Bresslern- Roth (1891-1978)

Bresslern Roth was an Austrian printmaker and painter who heavily influenced the Australian female art scene without ever visiting Australia. Solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne in 1926 (Grosvenor Gallery, Melbourne) and in 1934 at the Macquarie Gallery in Sydney allowed Australians to get a taste of the international contemporary art world, specifically works by a prominent female artist.

Roth’s talent and dedication to artistic pursuits inspired Australian women to follow similar paths. Her aesthetic prints depicting compositions of animals and events, encountered in her extensive travels, were well received and went into many Australian homes and collections.

Her work is also held in the Art Gallery of NSW, National Gallery of London, and the Victoria and Albert museum, UK.

She received several awards;

The Golden Medal of the city of Graz in 1922
The Honorary Prize of the city of Vienna in 1934
The Austrian State Medal.

In 1926 she has exhibited works in Australia at the following galleries:
A collection of works at the Grovsner Gallery 1926, Melbourne.

Macquarie Galleries, 1934, Sydney.
Her work is also held in the Gallery of NSW, National gallery of London, and the Victoria and Albert museum, UK.