Oscar Namatjira

Oscar Namatjira 1922-1991
Oscar is the second son of Albert Namatjira. He was born in 1922, and looked much like his father did in his mature manhood. Somewhat conservative in his thinking and outlook, he tends to be shy of strangers and is reticent in self-expression – although when he was be drawn into conversation it soon becomes apparent that he thinks deeply about what he has to say. In some ways his nature is similar to that of his father, and this similarity is also expressed in his painting. It is even in quality, definite in structure, and in clean, clear colours which nevertheless have a more pastel quality than those of his younger brothers. Like others of the Namatjira family, Oscar has known personal tragedy, in the loss of his wife after the birth of their eight child in 1970.
Modern Aboriginal Painting, 1971, with text by Rex and Beatrice Battarbee, page 10.