William Nicholas

William Nicholas Born: 1809 (UK)- Died: 1854 (Australia)

Born in Camberwell Grove in the UK in 1809. He was trained as an engraver, lithographer and painter of miniatures.
He arrived in Sydney on 25th February 1836 aboard a ship commanded by one of his relatives.
Nicholas joined the colony as a lithographer and portrait painter and was soon employed by the publisher, printer and entrepreneurial art dealer Edward Barlow.
He soon became known around Sydney for the quality of his watercolour and pencil portraits.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald on the 26th of June 1847 Nicholas is described as “One of those quiet unobtrusive men of genius who work their way into notice and distinction without any assistance from the newspapers”
Nicholas entered works into the Sydney Exhibition of 1847 and 1849 and in the Third Art Union Exhibition of 1850.
Nicholas passed away in 1854, shortly after purchasing a farm at Kurnell.