F C Terry | Birds Eye View of Sydney Harbour 1858

F.C Terry (Frederick Casemero Terry)

Birds Eye View of Sydney Harbour c1858

Lithograph printed in black ink, hand coloured

Published by Allen and Wigley, Sydney

Housed in an ornate restored frame c 1890

35.5 x 84 cm

This rare view of the city and harbour was taken from a viewpoint at the top of St James’s Church. It provides a unique view of many of the important buildings in Sydney, specifically on Macquarie Street. The Empire newspaper reviewed the large print in an article dated 10th June 1858, stating that the work was “very distinct” and conveyed “some idea of the land we live in”

F C Terry | Day Gallery | Blackheath Newspaper

Description of lithograph: Birds Eye View of Sydney Harbour | Empire, Sydney 10th June 1858 | Page 5