Black Gold

Adriana Seserko – 2019

Oil on Canvas | 153 x 71 cm

Epitomizing power and wealth, gold is a precious metal that has adorned the heads of kings and queens throughout history in the form of the crown. Gold has come to represent mans obsession of attaining ultimate power and likewise his corruptibility. Like gold, human behaviour, beliefs, and values are malleable. Fuelled by a desire for power, man loses his humanity, sacrificing moral values that were once cherished. Ruthless in pursuit of wealth and control, mankind crushes the vulnerable, his needs and desires taking precedence over the wellbeing of all other living things.

Australia is abode to many beautiful creatures. Whether they are furry, feathered, scaly, cold or warm blooded, noisy, bold, dangerous, or big or small, they are without question Australia’s most valuable and priceless gems. Each plays a crucial role in the intricate web of life, creating harmony and balance within the natural world. The black cockatoo, a stunning ebony parrot, is an Australian jewel threatened by the avarice of humanity. Human exacerbated climate change, continued loss of habitat, over development, collisions with cars, illegal shooting, and reduction in the availability of food and water are the main threats to this remarkable bird. The black cockatoo’s rapid decline in population forewarns of ultimate and irreversible loss. Another beautiful creature is suffering in the name of progress, only is the reward worth the loss? I hardly think so.