Drawn from Nature: Australian Botanical Paintings


Botanical painting has described Australian history from western inception documenting and presenting information on the unknown plant species found in ‘the new world’.

In today’s contemporary context paintings accurately convey the species features with artistic creativity, focusing attention on their beauty and, in so many cases now, their vulnerability.

The art of depicting nature true to life is one of meticulous observation, precision and aesthetic interpretation.

‘Drawn From Nature’ is an exhibition of contemporary botanical paintings, each with a distinct character and style.

We are proud to present internationally renowned contemporary botanical artists Angela Lober, Annie Hughes, Beverly Allen and Julie Nettleton.

Artists Biographies



The Art of Botanical Illusion; A Norfolk Island Pine by Angela Lober , produced by Sydney Living Museums. Angela featured in the ‘Florilegium: Sydney’s Painted Garden‘ show at the Museum of Sydney. She will show alongside fellow botanical artists in our upcoming show, Drawn From Nature: Australian Botanical Paintings, 30 June 2017 – 16 July 2017.