Menagerie | Jane Stapleford

Menagerie | Jane Stapleford | Meet the Artist Saturday 16th March @ 2pm

This show has been put together mainly from work produced from references collected in Blackheath. Jane is lucky enough to have a very beautiful back garden and many of the birds in these paintings are good friends that she see’s every day as she work’s.

Others like the series of Pacific Black Ducks are taken from observations at the local park in Blackheath. One or two are flights of fantasy, such as the Merchant’s Hare, which tips its cap to the legend of the Salisbury Hare who danced on the full moon and anyone who saw it was bound to have good fortune.

Jane Stapleford
Wildlife and Fantasy Artist

I try to be a soul painter. In all my works, whether featuring animals, mythic creatures or, in this exhibition, mostly birds, I strive to ensure that each character or creature is vibrantly, unmistakably alive. I have developed my use of watercolour to be confident and strong in order to add a hyper-reality to the sense of presence in each image. It is my goal that the viewer automatically attaches themselves to the scene as though looking at it from their bedroom window on a sunny morning, full of understanding and empathy. I have been developing this philosophy for longer than I care to remember, but it is an approach that affords me endless inspiration and the daily excitement and drive to paint never diminishes.