New Works | Frank Boyle


I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit India on several occasions and I’m always inspired by the sights, smells, culture, colours and energy all around.

India, of course, is very densely populated with a strong sense of community amongst its people but I’m always aware of many individuals going about their daily routines, minding their own business, dealing with life’s difficulties and seemingly oblivious to the constant noise and movement around them. It intrigued me that people could apparently be so present as though they were alone in such a busy, noisy environment.

These painitngs are part of a series I’ve produced that portray an individual, or on occasion, more than one figure in an ethereal landscape. I’ve responded mainly to what I’ve observed and experienced; the contradiction of a solitary figure in densely populated India, and my feelings about it.

If I’m happy with any work I produce then hopefully it can speak for itself. No two people will experience these works in the same way and I invite viewers to draw their own conclusions whatever they may be.


Frank Boyle

September 2017