Rachel Hannan continually plays with more expressive and engaging ways to paint the things she knows and loves. Hannan is rarely content but mostly in a good way as it means she is always on the move, physically and intellectually seeking ways of representing people, places, objects and feelings.

In 2019 Hannan decided to devote time to experimentation and shifting out of her comfort zone. Hannan has little experience painting interiors and figures so she thought this was a good place to start.

‘It was scary and at times I felt empty and untethered. Halfway through the year the works looked static and lifeless. I felt stuck. In an attempt to rejuvenate my practice I returned to the landscape and all the freedom and exuberance that it offers. I broke open the walls and brought the outside into the intimacy of everyday, domestic scenes. The warmth and energy then began to flow’.

Many of these new works are a merging of a new passion for portraits and interiors with Hannan’s expanding view of the magnificence of the Blue Mountains.

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