Scott Marr Exhibition

Scott Marr Exhibition

Friday 25 March- Monday 18 April | Easter Long Weekend

Pyrography is the practice of burning an image onto a surface. Also known as Poker work, the technique has been used predominantly on timber over the past few hundred years.

Scott Marr is a Blue Mountains based artist who is taking pyrography into the contemporary arena. Using specially developed tools and working on paper, Marr considers the conservation of our environment and planet, a very relevant issue in contemporary society.

Marr’s works are often concerned with observing the effects of human behaviour and our impact on the environment.

His art practice is organic and represents his point of view,

“The pigments I use are all handmade from natural materials, most of which I collect from the bush near my home, the roadside, the garden and sometimes even the kitchen. Some of my favourite raw materials include ochre’s, sap, flowers, bark, leaves, coffee beans and berries. Part of my processing technique is to add natural mordants (fixatives), preservatives and binding substances.”

His current exhibition brings together works from 2016-2011.