James R Jackson

La Perouse (Frenchmans Beach)


35 cm x 42.5 cm

Oil on composite board

A rare early Jackson, painted during the during his early years in Sydney, (1901-1904) Jacquline Jackson on page 12 of ‘James R Jackson, Art Was His Life’ states that his work during this period had ‘Minimal detail in the foreground, the sky is not emphasised by cloud patterns and shows little smog haze. Interest is in the middle distance….”

Housed in what is believed to be the original turn of the twentieth century frame, our painting seems to have been painted on the spot during this period, probably on a family outing to the La Perouse Beach, now known as Frenchmans Beach.

The building sitting alone in the distance is now the La Perouse Museum. Prior to this, it was the old telegraph cable station.

The boat sheds on the beach are long gone, as are the crowds. Below is an image of the beach c1900, with the Museum in the distance behind the boat sheds.

La Perouse | Day gallery
James R Jackson | La Perouse | Day Gallery