Life Drawing in Blackheath with artist Mathew Lynn and model Tara Moss

A life drawing workshop organised by Day Fine Art was held on Saturday the 11th of February in the beautiful garden of the historic House “Nalawa” in Blackheath, with portrait painter Mathew Lynn and model Tara Moss. All funds raised from the day were donated to UNICEF Australia of which Tara Moss is the National Ambassador.

Mathew Lynn taught the art of life drawing to a group of 16 participants thrilled to learn his technics. The group couldn’t have wished for a more enjoyable lesson as model Tara Moss donated her time to pose in an eclectic range of vintage outfits throughout the day in a communicative cheerfulness despite the oppressive heat.

No previous experience was needed for the attendees, encouraged by Mathew Lynn to express their creativity and enjoy an attempt at charcoal, pencil or pastel drawing to transcribe the beauty and remarkable presence of Tara Moss. The event was certainly a pleasant occasion to develop further personal connection to art and the local community.

Mathew Lynn currently has a solo exhibition on in Paddington at Christopher Day Gallery. Featuring a new body of work of Sydney Seascapes. ‘Shimmer’ is on until February 27th to the delight of all.

Thank you for everyone who supported the event and made it possible, it was a great success.


Photograph by Berndt Sellheim

Photographs by Berndt Sellheim