Represented Artist Rachel Hannan Finalist for the 2018 Calleen Art Award



Mount Hay, Cliff Rock Pools


Local represented artist Rachel Hannan has become a finalist for theCalleen Art Awardwith her workMount Hay, Cliff Rock Pools. Of the piece, Hannan writes, “Mt. Hay is one of my safe places that I go to when I need to see myself in perspective, take myself less seriously and feel the elements surrounding me.

It is rugged out there-often windy, sometimes freezing and earache inducing, sometimes hot and dry. It is vast and wild. There are extreme contrasts between the miniature wildflowers and alpine plants, and the giant sheer cliffs and rolling clouds and storms that can move across so suddenly, often when you are least prepared.

I love the uncertainty and the danger of the place. I perch on cliff edges and stand tiny and fragile in the beating winds. This painting is an amalgamation of many visits and memories- the unmoving almost two dimensional backdrop of the cliffs in the distance and the small windblown, dwarfed health and casuarinas in the foreground.

Mt.Hay feels saturated with history; ancient and sacred. The plants, rocks, wind and light dance with each other all as one indescribable energy, unharnessed and free. This place will always be an inspiration for me, where countless layers of experience and meaning are recreated in my studio, shaped by my misshapen memories.”